(6.1) Blake Mendoza  (B1)
(6.7) Corey Devlin  (A2)
(6.10) Claudio Pinilla  (B1)
(6.16) Jennifer Van  (A1)
(7.3) Rebeca Ciornei  (B1)
(7.7) Carl Melito  (A2)
(7.8) Christian Schilling  (A1)
(7.10) Steven Le  (A2)
(7.13) Finan Gebremariam  (A1)
(7.13) Richard Spurger  (A1)
(7.16) Sarah Finley  (B1)
(7.17) Bishop Trieu  (B1)
(7.21) Carson Hunter  (A2)
(7.21) Nhi Truong  (A2)
(7.24) Tristan Dunn  (A1)
(7.31) Savanah Reyes  (A1)
(8.1) Sally Huynh  (B1)
(8.2) Colton Oehlke  (B1)
(8.10) Mitchell Cook  (A2)
(8.16) Michael Wells  (B1)
(8.20) Jamarquise Williams  (A2)
(8.20) Sophia Santoyo  (A1)
(8.21) Jessica Nguyen  (A2)

"I forgot my homework assignment", "I was sick, and missed your last class", or "I need a little more help understanding your last lesson". Over the past twelve years at Naaman Forest High School, these are the most common things I've heard my students say.

This website is designed to help my students find the answers they need about my class while they are at home, or when I am not available to them.